The Relationship Era

The Relationship Era is the latest period in marketing’s ongoing evolution. It is an era where successful marketing looks and feels different than what consumers, observers and practitioners have experienced over the last several decades. The shift to a Relationship Era approach suggests a decreasing reliance on the traditional use of mass media to influence and persuade a passive audience to buy more of whatever the marketer is trying to sell. Relationship Era marketers embrace approaches that build stronger relationships between their brands and people.

This is a movement that is fueled by engagement. And it will foster deeper and more purposeful interaction, and build more enduring connections. It is not really about the rise of digital or the decline of television, though those are certainly part of the bigger picture. It is about the right way to bring people and brands together in an “always on” ecosystem—something that is ultimately as meaningful as it is effective. Mutual trust between brands and people is a critical component of  relationship-building, but we’re not suggesting that marketers can afford to ignore economic objectives either. Brands today must build both trust and transactions if they want to endure and thrive now and in the years to come. But how that happens depends on a lot of factors unique to the brand and the people it would like to engage.

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