Our Formula

Brand leaders feel the ground shifting beneath their feet. The appearance of always-on channels such as social networks, combined with a growing skepticism of marketing promises, has caused fundamental changes in how people interact with brands, what they expect of brands and the role of marketing in their lives.

The Relationship Era is here, and thriving in it requires a different approach to marketing.

In the Relationship Era, marketers must start by understanding the brand (ME), not the consumer (YOU). The brand must know its authentic self – its purpose – before it can engage in a sustainable relationship with people. Then, the brand can work with people to provide authentic products and services that meet real needs, on both sides.

Such a mindset, ME plus YOU working together, makes marketing both extraordinarily effective and intensely meaningful. The focus is not only on increasing transactions, but on building trust as well. Not the marketing version of trust. Real, authentic, personal relationships. This mindset also leads brands into more sustainable relationships with people – a vital key to outperforming the competition in the Relationship Era.

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