Get a Second Date: imc2’s tips for building social media relationships


Posted on 06. Feb, 2012 by in Blog, Blog

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some basic “dating” tips to help marketers build and maintain the desired long-term, sustainable relationship with their key stakeholders.

Social media engagement is no different than building any relationship – you must actively work to keep up the momentum after the exciting “first date.” As the relationship develops, it’s vital to proactively fan the flames to ensure the likelihood of having a healthy relationship. Regardless of your end goal, the key to success is to show your commitment to keeping the relationship fresh and interesting. Here are four ways to increase your likelihood for a proverbial second date.

  • Get to know your date: Gain a clearer understanding of who your followers are and how they describe themselves by using a tool such as The output could be simple or something as sophisticated as an Interest Graph. Having this information can influence your content strategy, align communication objectives, and round out your understanding of your audience and their needs.
  • Be a mind reader:  Use a content curation tool like or to better understand what people are actively sharing. Use this information to inspire future posts, populate your editorial calendar, and gain a broad picture of what your audience is actively sharing.
  • Keep your date guessing:  A recent eMarketer study shows that multimedia content such as photos, videos and links are more likely to drive engagement. Also, keep the message interesting by leveraging assets from local events, marketing/PR campaigns, cross channel media from other social sites like YouTube, or any other content you have at your disposal. Consider asking followers what they think by creating polls or (if your regulatory team will allow it) fill-in-the-blank questions that offer an opportunity for feedback.
  • Be supportive and attentive: Return calls, texts and messages, but ensure you’re attentive and authentic when you do. In social media, make it a priority and be consistent.  Be mindful to balance your postings with your responses. For example, if you post an average of three times per week, be prepared to respond as often, especially if a particular post generates tons of buzz.

Whether you repurpose content, re-tweet third-party info, or provide unique or exclusive access to your brand, remember to communicate with purpose. Say thank you, show appreciation, and reward fans for engaging. Doing so will yield dividends to reaching your target engagement goals, whether that’s talking you up to friends or saying “I love you, too.”

Contribution by Matt Noe, imc² health & wellness’s strategy director and social media expert.

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